Benefits of Canberra Consulting

Many of our clients are experts in providing superior services and solutions. In order to maintain the competitive edge, they must have employees who are in the highest levels of their field. Canberra Consulting specialises in locating and brokering top talent. It's all we do and is a driving force behind the success of our clients.

Save Time and Money
Finding quality employees with rare technical skill sets can be time consuming, expensive, and challenging. In response, Canberra Consulting has developed a comprehensive sourcing strategy. We locate the best candidates for you quickly and cost-effectively.  We understand the industry and the skills required for specific projects – our recruiting staff have both the technical understanding and recruitment expertise which gives them the power of knowing what’s needed and how to find it effectively.

Reduce Hiring Risk
Canberra Consulting helps you minimise the risks associated with hiring a new employee. We evaluate the competency and quality of every applicant, including relevant background and reference checks.  Proven track record of fit…expertise in recruitment processes…indepth understanding of current business needs/current business technology….

Flexible to Meet Your Needs
We customise our services to your business needs. Whether you want someone for contract work, part time, full time, short term, long term or contract-to-hire, we can design a plan that meets your objectives.

We meet with you one on one to identify your specific needs and the options available – as your needs change, so can our approach.